Actress Mahira Khan Wedding Date Revealed

Pakistani actress Mahira Khan, is famed for bin Roye, and Superstar.

Her recent drama “Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay” has experienced tremendous success. In addition to her acting profession, Mahira Khan is a prosperous businesswoman.

She oversees a fashion website, and a line of clothing, and even runs a production company. Mahira is parenting her adorable son Azlan by herself.

Her admirers, who frequently express their hopes for her to find happiness in marriage, are inspired by her fortitude and dedication as a single mother.

Fans of Mahira Khan now have good news as online reports of her forthcoming marriage are making the rounds.

She is reportedly planning to marry her longtime partner Salim Karim in September 2023. The couple has been dating for a sizable amount of time.

Mahira’s fans have been anticipating her wedding with enthusiasm, and the news of her impending nuptials has made them even happier.

The wedding will take place in a small family gathering with a tranquil Punjabi hill station as the backdrop. The Mega Life Style.

Tv Instagram page revealed this intriguing information.

There are gorgeous photos of Mahira Khan and her partner Salim Karim from various events that give a peek at the couple’s bliss.

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