Akshay Kumar Became an Indian Once Again

Akshay Kumar gains Indian citizenship again, halting Canadian debate.

On Tuesday, the actor Akshay Kumar posted a picture of his citizenship documents on social media to announce that he had been granted Indian citizenship. On the day of India’s independence, he made the statement.

He captioned it, “Dil aur citizenship, dono Hindustani.”

Akshay Kumar Became an Indian Once Again

Regarding his decision to continue working in India despite holding Canadian citizenship, Kumar had come under heavy fire.

After 15 of his films had poor box office performances, he initially filed for Canadian citizenship.

When all other possibilities had been exhausted, he followed a friend’s advice and applied for a Canadian passport, which was immediately granted to him.

But soon after the change, his career started to take off once more, and he continued to work as an actor.

He declared that he would renounce his Canadian citizenship as the backlash increased. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the procedure of his application for Indian citizenship was delayed. Now that he has the paperwork, Akshay Kumar is once more Indian.

He also disclosed to the Hindustan Times that he had received a letter from the Canadian government informing him of the renunciation of his citizenship.

Kumar has experimented with a variety of film genres, including comedy and action, and his current box office hit, “OMG 2,” is performing well.

His real name is Akshay Hariom Bhatia, according to the paperwork in the picture.

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