Barbie Tickets for $4 on National Cinema Day

“Barbie” or “Oppenheimer,” catch both for $4/ nationwide this Sunday.

The second annual National Cinema Day will take place on Sunday, August 27, theater owners said on Monday. All films in all media and at all showtimes will cost $4 at participating cinemas for one day only. The majority of the movie theaters in the United States, including the top chains AMC and Regal, are represented by the more than 3,000 participating theaters.

The one-day event at the end of the summer is being presented by theaters for the second year in a row. The National Association of Theater Owners’ nonprofit affiliate, the Cinema Foundation, organized the first National Cinema Day in 2017, and it was deemed a huge success. On Saturday, September 3, an estimated 8.1 million moviegoers paid $3 for their tickets. According to NATO, the average cinema ticket will cost $10.53 in 2022.

The year’s busiest day for theater attendance was thanks to the discount scheme. Instead of being peaceful, this time of day was packed with moviegoers, and theaters sold a lot of popcorn. The day is slightly earlier on the calendar this year, moving from Saturday to Sunday, and it costs $1 extra.

However, “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” have both maintained a remarkable level of attention, which has helped the August box office soar. According to data provider Comscore, ticket sales for the summer season had reached $3.8 billion as of Sunday. This puts the summer box office 16.6% ahead of 2022 at the same period.

This year’s Cinema Day will include “Barbie,” which is currently in its fifth week, as opposed to previous year’s, which had rather meager choices (“Top Gun: Maverick” was the top draw, more than two months after it began). The record-breaking movie starring Greta Gerwig has earned $1.28 billion globally. Additionally, there is Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer” ($717.8 million worldwide), the DC Comics movie “Blue Beetle,” which is in its second week, as well as the brand-new movies “Gran Turismo,” “Golda,” “Bottoms,” and “Retribution.”

Additionally, studios use the occasion to promote their fall lineups to the public. Before each showing, a preview of upcoming autumn titles will be shown.

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