British Actor and Singer David McCallum Passed Away at 90

Scottish actor David McCallum, 90, known for U.N.C.L.E. roles dies.

David McCallum died of natural causes at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital while being attended by relatives, according to a source.

“He was the most loving, tolerant, cool, and caring parent. He never put himself before his family.

He had a special affinity with each of his grandchildren and eagerly anticipated any opportunity to spend time with them, according to a statement released by his son Peter McCallum on behalf of the family.

At family gatherings, he and his youngest grandchild, Whit, age 9, frequently sat in the corner of a room and engaged in lengthy philosophical discussions.

Additionally, McCallum co-starred for four seasons with Joanna Lumley in the British science fiction program Sapphire & Steel (1979–1982), which many people believe to be a precursor to The X-Files.

Additionally, he played a British POW in the renowned Colditz BBC drama from 1972 to 1974.

McCallum married British actress Jill Ireland from May 1957 until she left him for rough actor Charles Bronson ten years later.

McCallum quickly recovered, though, and in 1967 he married the model Katherine Carpenter. He has been survived by his 56-year-old wife.

For over 20 seasons and more than 450 episodes of NCIS, the boyishly beautiful actor portrayed Ducky, the bowtie-wearing autopsy expert with a psychology degree from the University of Edinburgh.

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