Dallas and Knots Landing Creator David Jacobs Dies Aged 84

The 84-years-old writer and producer David Jacobs, has passed away.

David Jacobs passed away on Sunday in Burbank, California, his son told The Hollywood Reporter.

Jacobs, who had been identified as having Alzheimer’s, passed away as a result of many infections.

With his work on Dallas and its spin-off Knots Landing in the 1980s, Jacobs radically altered the landscape of US television.

Dallas debuted in 1978 as a five-part miniseries and ran for 14 seasons and 357 episodes before coming to an end in 1991.

It was so popular that five of its seasons were either the number one or number two show on US television during those years.

In contrast, Knots Landing debuted in 1979 and ran for 14 seasons, airing 344 episodes before its termination in 1993.

Jacobs, who was born on August 12th, 1939, in Baltimore, began his writing career with non-fiction books and magazine articles before transitioning to television. Later, he wrote episodes for popular television series like Family, Chicago Story, and The Blue Knight.

He will be recognized primarily for the television series Dallas, which became well-known for plots involving the murder of JR and other characters.

Famously, Jacobs didn’t visit the titular city when writing the first five drafts for Dallas.

“Well, I’ll just write it, I reasoned. I don’t have time to leave,” he remarked. “In that case, I’ll just write it in a stereotypical manner, using stereotypes, and then I’ll go and visit and revise it.

“I traveled to Dallas after that and felt I needed to push it much further. There is something expensive but not pretentious about Dallas and the people who live there.

After being revived in 2012, the program ended after three seasons due to the critics’ mixed reception.

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