Devo Announce Retirement From Touring After 50 Year Career

After 50 years Devo founded in 1973 bid farewell to live performances.

Devo is ending its 50-year career as a traveling band. The European portion of Devo’s final tour was only been completed.

The main singer of the “Whip It” band, Mark Mothersbaugh, and the lead bassist, Gerald Casale, discussed the painful choice to end touring in a recent interview with The Guardian.

“Are you married?” Mothersbaugh questioned the journalist. “Assume you had four spouses and collaborated with them. To be in a band is challenging.

“You’ve got a body of work that is informed by a whole manifesto and philosophy,” In their prime, the Mothersbaugh brothers (Mark and Bob), the Casale brothers (Gerald and Bob), and Alan Myers made up the band, according to Casale.

Do you let go and go on to the subsequent task? You need change to stay fresh; but, you don’t want to change for the sake of changing.

Devo received accolades from both their followers and notable figures like David Bowie and Iggy Pop, but they also frequently came under fire.

Discuss being despised, Casale remarked. We were either made fun of, felt sorry for, or had assassination intentions. People would be furiously offended by it. On stage, we were physically assaulted, forced to halt our performance, and had our power cut off by the promoters. In the beginning, receiving $50 to go was one of our major victories.

However, the band went on to experience immense success and received three nominations for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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