Ed Westwick and Amy Jackson Stun in Manish Malhotra Dress

Ed Westwick and Amy’s cover shoot story is as charming as the actors.

Even in the midst of Mumbai’s generally gloomy weather, Ed Westwick and Amy Jackson exuberant enthusiasm lit up the scene as they posed in exquisite Manish Malhotra outfits.

As they embraced the creative idea and the process, fully assured that the final product would be nothing short of spectacular, their upbeat and cooperative personality provided a lovely dimension to the shoot.

Ed and Amy were dressed in magnificent clothes by the renowned Manish Malhotra by the shoot’s designer, Mohit Rai, who joined the team as the stylist. Both actors looked extremely lovely in the Manish Malhotra creations that decorated the apartment.

On the set, the connection between Ed Westwick and Amy Jackson was seamless and wonderfully complementary. The celebrities struck the ideal poses for the cameras with ease while exchanging lustful looks and enjoying mutual laughter over inside jokes. The way they interacted with the staff and held vibrant talks with them helped to foster a sense of cooperation and friendship.

A visually stunning and endearing cover that perfectly encapsulates the personalities of Ed Westwick and Amy Jackson as well as the team’s collective creativity is the outcome of this cooperation. As they brought the artistic concept to reality, the two actors’ wonderful and affable personalities were also shown, in addition to their outward attractiveness, which was documented throughout the photo shoot.

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