Fyre Festival 2 Tickets are Now on Sale and Selling Out

Billy McFarland, the Fyre Festival creator is prepared for another go.

On Sunday, McFarland announced on his Instagram page that tickets for “Fyre Festival 2” are now on sale. On Tuesday, he updated his social media accounts to say that the first batch of tickets had already been sold out. McFarland had previously served time in federal prison for crimes connected to his participation in the 2017 festival that disintegrated spectacularly.

In his video posted on Sunday, he said, “It has been the craziest journey to get here, and it really all started during a seven-month stint in solitary confinement,” adding that he had created a 50-page plan explaining how he would “make the impossible happen.”

According to McFarland, Fyre Festival 2 will take place in the Caribbean somewhere before the end of 2024, though no precise date or musical headline artists have yet to be made public.


“Since 2016, FYRE has garnered the most media attention worldwide. We now witnessed this convert to one of the most expensive GA pre-sales in the market,” he stated in his Tuesday update, adding that this time around, he’s working with “the greatest logistical and infrastructural partners.”

Additionally, he stated that all ticket sales proceeds “will be held in escrow until the final date is announced.”

After being heavily promoted by social media influencers as a posh weekend in paradise where attendees would mingle with celebrities, eat delectable food, and enjoy performances by artists like Blink 182, Migos, and Major Lazer, the Fyre Festival in 2017 notoriously played out as a complete disaster.

However, when attendees who had paid hundreds of dollars for tickets arrived on the Bahamian island of Exumas, they encountered widespread disarray, partially constructed tents, and catered food that was essentially limp cheese sandwiches.

Due to the disorganized planning, several of the musicians who were scheduled to perform ultimately decided against attending the event.

After pleading guilty to charges of wire fraud, bank fraud, and making false statements to federal law enforcement in 2018, McFarland was given a six-year jail term, the US attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York said CNN at the time.

At the time, prosecutors claimed that McFarland scammed Fyre Festival investors and ticket sellers out of nearly $26 million and that, while out on bond, he engaged in a separate “sham ticket scheme” in which he sold fake tickets to sporting, musical, and fashion events.

McFarland completed nearly four years of his six-year sentence in prison before being freed in 2022.

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