Heartwarming Musical Film “Flora and Son” Trailer

The Flora and Son trailer: John Carney’s musical in theaters Sept 22.

However, Flora and Son has the distinction of eliciting not just a protracted standing ovation but also a communal sing-along with the audience clapping along.

Every year at Sundance, there is one movie that makes viewers’ hearts so happy that they get up from their seats and applaud wildly when the credits start to roll.

A scrappy single mother named Flora (Eve Hewson) spends her nights snagging losers at the club and her days nannying and raising her teenage son Max (Orén Kinlan), who seems to hate her, as well as dodging her sleazy ex (Jack Reynor), in John Carney’s latest film, written and directed by the director.

She is lost because she gave birth to Max when she was 17; therefore, in an effort to get in touch with him and forget about her problems, she finds an ancient acoustic guitar, spends $20 an hour for Zoom guitar lessons with Jeff (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a failed Los Angeles musician, and discovers that music is the best remedy.


Prior to the epidemic, Carney says, “I had thought of the movie, and then during it, I thought of what it would be like to pick up a new instrument and learn it.” “God, it would be a blessing to find something that got you through that,” I was thinking.

Following a buzz-building Sundance, Apple TV+, the same distributors that picked up Coda, the Best Picture-winning independent film, bought Flora and Son for $20 million. Similar to that unexpected blockbuster, Flora and Son is a heartwarming movie highlighted by a remarkable, star-making performance, this time from Eve Hewson (Bono’s daughter).

“I had a few encounters with Eve when she was a young child, so when her name was mentioned for this, I said, “OK. She’s smart, but is she Flora?,” Carney recalls. “Because she appeared to be quite polished in a few of the movies I had seen, like Bad Sisters. This Dubliner is rough, salty, and peppery.

I zomed with Eve, and after 30 minutes we said, “We have to do this movie together.

Initially disagreeing that Gordon-Levitt was too posh for the part of a struggling musician, Carney later received a letter from the actor explaining how the film was “missing something” that would have made it truly memorable. Carney was purchased. Regarding the director’s preference for sentimental musical movies, Carney is aware of his abilities.

He says, “I feel I can move people with music, being uplifting and showing you the places that music can take you, instead of being the man moving people in a deep, gloomy way. You don’t realize how strong music is or how much life and love it can bring.

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