‘Krrish 4’ Director has Update for Fans About the Film

Rakesh Roshan, director of Krrish, shares update on the Krrish 4 film.

Rakesh has said that he will make Krrish 4, but it might not happen this year since he worries that the movie won’t receive the favorable reception it deserves.

“We’re ready to move forward without a doubt. We aren’t instantly taking a look at it, though, given how poorly films are now performing and how ticket sales aren’t covering their expenditures. It will take place, but not for a year. After that, most likely.

The 73-year-old director is concerned with using high-caliber VFX and attention-grabbing action sequences to draw viewers.

How can the film get that look? Of course, I have the option to choose to only have four action scenes rather than ten, but the action must still be of a high caliber. It must have good visual effects.

“We are examining ways in which the production expenses and the budget can both be kept in check. The box office performance of recent blockbuster movies has been poor.





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