Marcia Cross Talks About her Return to the Stage

Marcia Cross performed on Broadway & regionally despite such projects.

Marcia Cross now makes a comeback on stage in Tawni O’Dell’s Pay the Writer as Lana, the ex-wife of renowned author Cyrus Holt who is still loving despite being a little resentful.

The play opens on August 13 and runs for seven weeks at the I Alice Griffin Theatre at the Pershing Square Signature Theatre Center.

Theater Cross was recently interviewed by Mania to talk about the show, her reasons for going back to the theater, and her ideal part in the future.

According to the most recent SAG-AFTRA regulations, this story has been edited for length and clarity.

Why go back to the theater right now?

Even though I adore LA and my present circumstances, I have always yearned to go back to the theater.

I had lunch with an old agent the day before I was allowed to perform a reading of this play in California last year, and the words “I want to do stage” just came out of my mouth.

Putting your desires out there seems to work, I suppose.

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