Movie Review: Gal Gadot Turns Superspy in ‘Heart of Stone’

“Gal Gadot” in ‘Heart of Stone’: Rachel, covert operative for Charter.

including “Mission: Impossible,” “Heart of Stone” travels to opulent foreign locales including the Italian Alps, Lisbon, Senegal, and Iceland and has extensive action sequences that include a wingsuit skydive.

While “Dead Reckoning” pushed traditional filmmaking to the limit for an intense theater experience, “Heart of Stone” revels in its digital wizardry and has a curiously algorithmic air to it.

The spy franchise “Mission: Impossible” was born out of the Cold War, but “Heart of Stone” imagines a peacekeeping spy unit outside of nationhood in an effort to launch a new series free of governments — a globetrotting spy film without all those bothersome geopolitics; a borderless intelligence agency for a borderless streaming era.


That can come off as being excessively severe. After all, there have been innumerable unimpressive espionage thrillers with little reference to reality.

(“Dead Reckoning,” for all its excitement, has about as much to do with current international affairs as its star has to do with protracted interviews with journalists.”) The film “Heart of Stone,” which was directed by Tom Harper (“Wild Rose,” “The Aeronauts”), does feature a few clever movements of its own.

Gadot’s character Stone is a part of an MI6 mission, disguised as an inexperienced tech rather than a field agent, and the opening sequence of the movie takes place in a very Bond-like Alpine hotel.

This makes for plenty of “She can do that?” stares as the plan goes awry and Stone starts showing off Cruise-level talents while slinking off in a snowy pursuit with a lighted parachute down the darkened slopes.

The fact that the action in “Heart of Stone” is generally fluid is a testament to Harper, George Steel, and Charles Wood, who also served as production designers.

The most beautiful design in the movie is found in Charter’s covert weapon, the Heart, a quantum computer that can process chance-of-success scenarios in real time and has superior hacking capabilities.

Its operator (Matthias Schweighöfer), who resembles a modern-day John King, manipulates a room full of pixels with the wave of his hand while he directs Charter representatives from a distance.

The leader of the MI6 unit that Stone originally poses as is Parker, played by Jamie Dornan, is also involved in the plot, though it is unclear exactly what his connections are. Alia Bhatt, a Bollywood celebrity making her Hollywood debut, plays a hacker with enigmatic intentions who starts the mayhem. The CIA director is voiced by Glenn Close.

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