Natasha Lyonne Gives her Top Piece of Advice About Fashion

Natasha Lyonne fashion around honesty & comfort a comfortable style.

The Poker Face actress, who is the face of Old Navy’s newest fall campaign, told people that the thing she dislikes the least about a look is being unable to move in her shoes.

I find that a lot of people attend award presentations and then whine about their attire the entire evening. I’ll stop participating in that game.

The 44-year-old responded, “I’m too experienced.

Old Navy’s iconic pixie pants are included in Natasha’s two contrasting scenarios, one as a “boss lady” and the other as “heading to a concert.”

The American Pie actress, however, was reluctant to accept the compliment on her appearance and informed the site that she also found it difficult in real life.

“But I think things are improving. I have a strong tendency to be critical of myself very away, but I’m trying to accept the gift and keep it straightforward, Natasha said.

For younger people to witness, she continued, “It’s an empowering thing to watch, you know? I like to think of myself now as somewhat of an elder who teaches children the importance of saying “thank you.”

Principle for dressing

Natasha Lyonne, star of Poker Face, discusses her guiding principle for dressing
In addition to pants, Natasha mentioned that she prefers a practical bag to the micro bag or mini-clutch trend and enjoys living a bag-free lifestyle.

“Occasionally, someone will create a phony clutch for an award presentation, and you’re like, ‘Where do you want me to put my cell phone?’ That kind of camp is not my style, the Scream 2 actress revealed.

I prefer having useful, real, and practical stuff, Natasha remarked. I always approach my ensembles with that mindset since I’m a city child and New York is really day-to-night seamless.

Told that “I think it’s really important that everyone gets to feel good in what they’re wearing, and Old Navy lets you do that,” the actress concluded. I adore them because of that.

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