Puffin Rock And The New Friends

Here’s review of Puffin Rock and the New Friends Animation series 2023

On Puffin Rock, the morning is once again beautiful. Chris O’Dowd’s voice at the start of each episode of Puffin Rock is like a bell signaling the start of a meditation for parents of young children.

A calming, easy-going delight is the animated TV show about young puffin named Oona and her adorably adorable younger brother Baba. Who goes by the catchphrase “Baba booooo!”

It frequently ranks among the top 10 shows that parents truly enjoy watching with their children. I must admit that it was almost the only thing my daughter watched between the ages of three and five that I could tolerate to be in the same room with.

It’s business as usual in the film that is about to start. The same magnificent animation from Kilkenny-based Cartoon Saloon, the team behind The Secret of Kells and Wolfwalkers, both equally gorgeous movies.

They are in the same category as Studio Ghibli and Pixar thanks to their unique, enchanting home style. They again cram utter astonishment and delight in nature into every frame here.

Laughing along with his own jokes as he provides a running commentary on the action. O’Dowd is in the scene and on point with his goofy-dad narration.

Speaking of action, regulars are accustomed to Puffin Rock’s minor peril, including the occasional seagull that soars menacingly overhead.

A storyline regarding the climate emergency has been added to the movie, forcing puffins from nearby islands to evacuate to Puffin Rock as a result of harsh weather events.

Not very relaxing after all. This is still a low-key joy, and my not-so-little one, who is six and a half, sat through the entire 79 minutes. Older children might object.

Release dates for Puffin Rock and the New Friends are July 14 in Ireland and August 11 in the UK.

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