Review: Mask Girl

Here is Mask Girl Review an Exciting New K-Drama Blinded By Ambition.

Everyone has been enthralled by the new South Korean drama on Netflix called “Mask Girl,” which is a gripping thriller.

Netflix’s newest thriller, which is based on a webcomic of the same name, is evidence that Korean writers are still the best when it comes to telling tales of retribution.

What exactly is the new twist in the series that everyone is raving about? Here is all the information you require:


What is “Mask Girl,” a brand-new Korean thriller series on Netflix, about?

Mask Girl:

This series on Netflix contains some blood and criminality and might not be appropriate for all age groups. The Kim Mo-mi character in the Kim Yong-hoon-directed series has suffered because, in the words of many other characters, she is “ugly.”

Kim Mo-mi originally had aspirations of becoming a well-known artist, but due to her insecurities about her appearance, she settles for a routine office job and, at night, a disguised online persona.

She has a significant fan base, and things are going well until a string of unfortunate events take over her life when an unfulfilled crush sends her off on a course she can never turn back from.

Who’s in the cast?


Kim Mi is played by Go Hyun-jung.

Kim Mo-mi as Nana (after plastic surgery)

Kim Mo-mi, played by Lee Han-byeol, in “Mask Girl”

As Joo Oh-nam, Ahn Jae-hong

Kim Kyung-ja, played by Yeom Hye-ran

As Lee A-reum, Park Jung-hwa

Daniel Choi

Jun-young Lee

Stream on ‘Skip’?

STREAM IT. We are extremely curious about Mask Girl because we have no idea where the plot will go beyond Episode 1. Shortly, it keeps you interested.

Currently, Netflix is streaming the series online.

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