Review: Red, White & Royal Blue

Spoiler-free review: Red, White & Royal Blue on Prime Video (2023).

Queer characters frequently take the place of heterosexual couples in current rom-coms like Bros, Fire Island, Happiest Season, and others. Red, White, and Royal Blue is the contribution of Amazon Studios to the genre.

Based on a best-selling book by American author Casey McQuiston, it offers a strange perspective on fairytale love and was directed by Matthew Lopez.

What if the outrageously handsome bisexual son of the US president and a still-closeted but similarly attractive British monarch fell in love?

Considering that earlier in the story, everyone is implausibly worried about the diplomatic and commercial repercussions of Prince Henry (Nicholas Galitzine) accidentally knocking presidential heir Alex Claremont-Diaz (Taylor Zakhar Perez) into a wedding cake, it is astounding that that central romantic idea seems relatively plausible.

To put the matter behind them, the two guys are compelled to put on a pleasant act after first disagreeing in the classic rom-com manner.

A kiss on New Year’s Eve leads to sex and brunch in no time, and hospital visits and family portraits transform into genuine affection.

Unfriendly royal family members and the curious press are only two examples of the challenges that may arise.

At least Alex finds his Mexican father (Clifton Collins Jr.) and president mom (Uma Thurman) to be supportive of his life choices, despite the fact that a female commander-in-chief and a Latino first gentleman are almost as fantastical as anything else in this film.

Be aware of spoilers:

Kind of everyone, including the strict king (played by none other than Stephen Fry), has a happy ending.

The screenplay evenly distributes the snide remarks between the Americans and the Brits in order to avoid causing a diplomatic rupture.

Despite the fact that some of the remarks are humorous, such as comparing someone to “the first 50 rows at a Lady Gaga concert,” they never dull the candy’s deliciousness.

Many viewers will experience a marzipan, cake, and royal icing-like feeling.

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