Review: The Equalizer 3

The Equalizer 3 review: Cliched sequel, returns for more bloodshed.

Denzel Washington’s portrayal of a moral vigilante who seeks to rectify wrongs has a certain appealingly organic quality. He’s polished the pattern throughout the course of his career, giving protagonists with complicated pasts depth in action films like Man On Fire, The Magnificent Seven, and the first two installments of The Equalizer 3 series.

Washington is paired up with his Training Day director Antoine Fuqua once more, and they discover new depths to explore with Robert McCall in this threequel. Despite the fact that the movie occasionally struggles to be as engaging as its lead.


Fuqua doesn’t spend any time beginning the equalizing. The film opens on the bloody aftermath of a confrontation between McCall and a number of unfortunate adversaries Showing the Equalizer being caught off guard. Perhaps for the first time ever, McCall’s face is marked with shock and uncertainty, and the fact that Washington conveys all of those feelings without speaking further heightens the impact of the scenario.

The character’s journey this time around becomes apparent from that point onward: in contrast to the first two Equalizer movies, which were about McCall discovering a purpose for himself and others. The subject of this sequel is whether salvation and peace are still attainable goals.

For a time, it appears that they are. McCall seeks refuge in a little Italian village, and while Fuqua and cameraman Robert Richardson take in its stunning vistas. So does our hero as he engages in warm-hearted dialogues with members of his new community.

But McCall’s other existence is never far away: CIA agent Emma Collins (Dakota Fanning) has located him and is unsure of whether to treat him as a friend or an enemy. Washington and Fanning still have that easy rapport they displayed in Man On Fire. And it’s entertaining to see them back and forth as they progressively build trust.

Washington is still a remarkably entertaining action star, though. He is as swift, effective, and merciless as ever when he sets his mind to eliminating an adversary. So be it if this is the last time he dons McCall’s distinctive stopwatch. But hopefully his future holds more avenging heroes.

A satisfying climax to Robert McCall’s personal evolution and a strong conclusion to an unexpected trilogy, with Denzel Washington remaining engaging as a dispensator of smooth justice.

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