Selena Gomez Officially Announces New Song, ‘Single Soon’

Selena Gomez confirmed to her fans that she is working on new music.

The multi-hyphenate has dropped some subtle indications that gave everyone reason to anticipate that she would shortly release her new single, “Single Soon.” Selena Gomez announced the information on social media on Thursday, so confirming the rumor.

The multi-hyphenate has dropped a few whispered indications that point to the imminent release of her new single, “Single Soon.” The first red flags were raised when a website named “I’ll Be Single Soon” appeared. Its only content was a graphic that asked. “Single Soon?,” and an email sign-up form that allowed users to “receive email updates from Selena Gomez,” according to the website.

The same “Single Soon?” graphic and a phone number were then appearing on posters all throughout Dallas, Texas (Gomez’s home state). Fans who contacted the number were immediately connected to a voicemail message that sounded suspiciously like that of her younger sister, Gracie, and said, “Hi, I love you sissy, never worry about boyfriends at all.”

After the voicemail, there comes a 3-second beat that sounds like the start of a song.

The rumors are still going strong because Gomez recently shared a selfie on her Instagram stories in which she is seen looking down at her phone. Since the clock on the phone says “8:25” when you zoom. Most fans assume she may have just suggested that her new song will be released on August 25. The Teragram Ballroom and Club 90s are also organizing a Selena Gomez night in Los Angeles on August 26 called “Single Soon: Selena Gomez Night.”

The post’s caption read, “Don’t worry guys, it’s coming. and even from Paris.

Gomez provided some information about her impending musical comeback in an interview with Vanity Fair from February.

Ballads would probably be what she wrote for the rest of her life if she had her way. She also noted that she wanted to create music that would make people happy. “The songs I’m writing right now are inspired by real-world struggles I’m facing. It has great strength, force, and pop appeal. Freedom from relationships and from the dark is the overarching theme.

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