Strictly Come Dancing: Amy Dowden speaks about chemotherapy

Amy Dowden of Strictly Come Dancing shared her grief of losing hair.

In July, Amy Dowden received a second cancer diagnosis after learning she had breast cancer in May.

After receiving a chemotherapy treatment known as “red devil” for the second time, the 33-year-old claimed she started to feel ill.

The dancer who specializes in ballroom and Latin music posted on Instagram, “What I’ve found harder this time around and the last few days is the hair shedding.”

According to Dowden, a former mastectomy patient from Caerphilly, “It is simply heart-breaking emotionally for me. As much as I prepared myself, waking up every day gently combing my hair with a broad comb and seeing what comes out, it is just heartbreaking.

“I’ve only washed my hair once or twice this week at most, and I haven’t used heat or styled it in any way, so I just don’t feel like myself.

I say it’s time to put on the wig so I can get used to it and feel more like myself.

Even while she asserted she was “still Amy,” she said, “Some days last week I’d wake and for the first few seconds you forget and then suddenly it all strikes you, the day and challenges ahead and your new reality, and it’s tough – had a few morning sobs and realizing that’s OK too.

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