Taali Trailer: Sushmita Sen Stuns as Transgender Activist

MUMBAI: The much-awaited web-series Taali trailer has been released.

Sushmita Sen plays a transsexual in the Taali series, which is directed by Ravi Jadhav, a director who has won national awards. Her portrayal is shocking and daring, never before seen.

Media reports claim that Shreegauri Sawant, an Indian transgender activist, is the subject of the series, which documents her life events and tribulations.

Sen’s unwavering effort has been praised by internet followers who have been effusive in their enthusiasm for the teaser. “Sushmita Sen is a phenomenon… what a journey from winning Miss Universe to ‘Taali,'” one admirer wrote in a message. Only woman could fulfill this position justice, said one commenter.

The Sakhi Char Chowghi Trust, which assisted transgender persons and those with HIV/AIDS, was founded by Sawant, a native of Pune, Maharashtra. She was one of the petitioners in the historic 2013 NALSA case, which proclaimed transgender people separate from individuals who identify with binary genders and the “Third Gender” under the Indian Constitution.

The JioCinema premiere of Taali is set for August 15; save the date.

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