Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Concert Film in Global Theaters

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour film boosts global theaters amid struggles.

It’s anticipated that the movie would help Swift maintain her momentum. During its first weekend, the Eras Tour Concert Film might gross over $100 million.

The initial announcement covered screenings starting on October 13 at AMC theaters throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. According to a press statement, screenings will now take place in more than 100 nations, including every Odeon in Europe. The box offices of participating theaters will sell tickets, and the majority are already advertising them as of today.

We’re traveling the world for more than just the tour. Swift wrote with a globe emoji. “The Eras Tour concert film is now officially coming to theaters WORLDWIDE on Oct. 13, and I’ve been so pleased to share this with you guys.

The Hollywood Reporter states that AMC Theatres, which is in charge of the U.S. release, is also acting as the film’s international distributor. AMC and its partners are negotiating deals with theater operators who are said to represent more than 7,500 screens worldwide.

A staggering $26 million (£20.6 million) in ticket sales were generated by Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour on just the first day of presales, shattering previous records for the movie theater chain. The movie reportedly grossed $37 million (£29.4 million) in first-day presales across all US theater networks.

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