You Me At Six Postponed their US Trip for ‘Personal Reasons’

Due to personal reasons, You Me At Six has canceled its upcoming tour.

The ‘Save It For The Bedroom’ rockers announced that refunds are available at “point of purchase” after canceling the concerts, which would have been their first headline tour of the US since 2019.

The band released the following statement on their social media pages: “We regret to announce that our US tour, scheduled to begin next month, has been postponed due to personal issues.

“We regret to inform all American Sixers who have purchased tickets. We sincerely care about you, and we’ll do our best to make it up to you.

You can request a refund at the point of purchase.

As they planned to promote their most recent album, “Truth Decay,” the band would have been supported on the tour, which was scheduled to take place in September and October, by Mothica and Wolf and Bear.

Deep Cuts, No Future? Yeah Right, and Mixed Emotions (I Didn’t Know How To Tell You What I Was Going Through) are just a few of the singles from the album, which was released in February and was their eighth overall.

As frontman, Josh Franceschi has revealed, the resurrection of the scene motivated You Me At Six to attempt to retake its crown. As a result, the band went back to their emo beginnings.

There is nothing better than the healthy competition, he told NME. The moment has clearly been revived, and it has grown to be really dramatic. As I watched many other people perform it, I thought, “They can’t do it like us.”

They awakened a dozing giant. There is a reason we were recognized as the British band who pioneered the emo sound, however, I have really liked watching what other bands have done with it.

“I want to show that we can still do it the best now as we did the best back then.”

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